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Precision Investment Castings from miniature to 50 pounds
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quick question?Investment Casting Benefits

Precision investment casting is your answer when...

  • Your part requires too many costly machining operations.
    3 or 4 can be too many, 5 or 6 are out of the question!
  • Alloy requirements are unusual.
    Investment CastingWe cast all stainless steels 300, 400 series, 17-4 PH, 15-5 PH, tool steels, high carbon and low carbon steels, super alloys, cobalt and nickel base alloys, bronze and brass. Also, special alloys made to your specifications. Certified chemical and physical analysis is furnished when necessary.
  • You have an unusual configuration, making it very difficult or impossible to machine.
    Ask to see some of the unusual and intricate shapes we have produced.
  • Quantities are very high.
    We specialize in high production runs in all alloys.
  • Quantities are very low.
    We cast many low production and prototype runs. Tooling costs are nominal compared to other methods.
  • The part is large.
    We produce castings up to 40 pounds.
  • Delivery is a problem?
    We expend every effort to expedite any unusual delivery requirements.
  • You have a "problem" part.
    Often investment casting is the ONLY way the part can be made economically.
  • Precision investment casting tolerances are. +/-.005 per linear inch. Angular tolerance is +/- 1/2 degree. Typical surface finish is 125 RMS.

If you are unfamiliar with investment casting design, send a machining blueprint with your request for quotation.